Satya is a next-generation construction company based in Turkey. Satya was established in line with the goal of restoring the sense of confidence and excellence in the construction business.
For Satya, integrity and honesty precede everything.

Planning robust projects in well-selected locations, Satya is a construction company with a principle of zero error in construction, insulation and decorative applications.

For investment or residential purposes, Satya's main aim is to present offers from which any buyer will ultimately derive the best benefits in the short or long term. One of Satya's primary goals is to make sure its customers are satisfied and pleased in every way.

Key to Satya's image is the implementation of strong after-sales service, one area in which the construction sector is particularly weak, in a manner that sets the standard for all others.

Imperative to Satya’s success are keeping its word and fulfilling its commitments, in everything from the material and the timing to the application and operation.

No worries: Satya is at your disposal with its architects, engineers and executives.

It is a registered trademark of Gelecek Real Estate, Construction and Trade Limited Company.
Satya is a member of Istanbul Construction Contractors Association (INDER).